Counting Scars

Every path of your skin
Every bruises
Every scars

My fingers
Softly and,

Every fight
Every battlefield
In this big war of ours

They say,
Time will heal
But the scar remains real

I’d prefer
To remember

These scars
This war

And how we cling to each other
Ever tighter


Closing the nite as Japanese does:)

Yoichi was as always, awesomely nice. We met back then in Hanoi 2017 for the 8th Hitachi Young Leaders Initiative. He was one of Japan representatives and I was one of Indonesia’s.

Now, Yoichi san was one of the high flyer of Japan’s Foreign Ministry, hence, he’s so busy and almost impossible to meet. Nevertheless, he spared his time to take us around and experienced Tokyo after-hours. From delicious monjayaki 2 styles, warm conversation, delicious grilled sanma to the Sake sommelier experience, it was a blast. Arigatou Gozaimashita Yoichi!

Knock knock?

Who’s there?



#ga ada yang jawab, soalnya blog udah ga keurus hampir setahun. Well, my post-wedding marriage life is indeed too fulfilling and exciting – and i lost track of time. Almost a year has gone by, and it struck me that I haven’t got any urge to rant so far :p.

Anyhoo, to keep this blog alive, I’ll use this blog to post on music, videos, pin, article, basically everything I like lately.

Off I go!

Finally :)

June 15th 2013.


Finally, M. We’ve made it. Now it’s the new chapter. Finally. Alhamdulillah 🙂

I Love you, to the farthest galaxy and back.


Thank You List:

Kanjeng Gusti Allah SWT. Never, ever You fail me.

M. For the never ending effort, patience, and undying love

Keluarga Nusa Penida 12. Bapak, Momy, Ayi Dimas

Keluarga Cidodol C15. My new family 🙂 Mami Papi, Kak Soli+Mas Igo+Lady+Darrel, Kak Wienda+Om Ami+Safiy+Lighta.

Keluarga Chatab

The Iswandi’s. As always, my big families are the helping hand and we don’t even need to ask 🙂 Adhi, Mboty, Mbak Asti, Bu De Is, Mamah papah,  , De Lin, De Bis, Oom Yul, Tante Uki, Putri, Angka and all! Jauh jauh dari Surabaya, Maudiun dan Kediri, all the way for me. I can’t be more grateful.

The Vendors will be reviewed in different post.


As now, my happiness is complete 🙂




Wake up, wake up, the sun cannot wait for long.
Reach out, reach out before it fades away.
You will find the warmth when you surrender.
Smile into the fear and let it play.

You wanna run away, run away and you say that it can’t be so.
You wanna look away, look away but you stay cause’ it’s all so close.
When you stand up and hold out your hand.
In the face of what I don’t understand.
My reason to be brave.

Hold on, hold on, so strong, time just carries on.
And all that you thought was wrong is pure again.
You can’t hide forever from the thunder.
Look into the storm and feel the rain.

You wanna run away, run away and you say that it can’t be so.
You wanna look away, look away but you stay cause’ it’s all so close.
When you stand up and hold out your hand.
In the face of what I don’t understand.
My reason to be brave.


For the one

Who smiles into the fear

Who never gives up, on me and on anything else

Who, regardless how rough the world is, never ever stops being so dear

Who take the falls but never stops and prevails

Who have many options but still decides to stay near

Who, above all, shows me beyond words,

what it means and how it is, to be brave.

There will never be enough thanks to show my gratitude, M.

You are my reason to be brave.

Another quickie..

..updates from moi.

1. Yours truly is now officially resides in big durian. Cursing the traffic jam? checked. Yelling to motorcycle riders? checked. Almost got hit by random car? Checked. Getting threatened by annoying snob who hit our car? checked. Well, I guess I just have to make peace with the city and its people 🙂

2. Mom had her bone surgery. It was a huge relief for us to know that now she’s getting better, regardless the very, very tedious process that she had to go thru. All is well, all is well

3. Patjar has been a sweetheart (isn’t he always is? :p) From picking me up after Bikram yoga to drive back and forth cilandak-kuningan. I know he must’ve been quite exhausted, but somehow I know that he’ll do his best to retain our quality time. But hey, we got a quite a bunch of dine and date so far, happy belly happy mind! -> yeah, I ate a steak after my Yoga session..T_T

4.So far I’ve been falling in love with hot yoga. It pushes me to my furthest limit. I got nauseous and felt like passing out at the first time (and still sometimes feels so), but the feeling after Yoga is unbeatable. I am officially hooked for the 90 mins torture chamber :p

5. Last Sunday went smoothly, Alhamdulillah. Despite Mom just had her surgery, she prepared everything (we bought some of the meal, though..) and the food was plenty, the house was clean. So glad to see the whole cidodol family plus some of the elder, plus my lovely cousins and dear pu+leica. I was beyond happy.. And now we’re officially engaged 🙂

6….Aaaand I still have half of my to lists unchecked. Which remind me that I only got 6 friggin’ week to finish it all. N to the G to the O to the K. NGOK!!!

7. Job has been good so far. I love meeting people, making connection, do presentation and such, but the working environment is also very nice! Got so many things going on and it keeps me busy, in a good way. Oh, do I mention that the office got a wide pantry? (yeah right wini..) and esp the people. I can get really comfy here..Plus the fact that the building got loads of food stalls, cafes, restos, food court and starbucks. And do I mention Share tea? Oh happy days..:p

Do I mention how in a content state I am now? 🙂

Pesan sponsor: Uby, kita belom nonton manusiasetrikaan!!! :p